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Terms and conditions for admission

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• Students are expected to attend the institutes neatly dressed keeping with the approved etiquette.

• Students should bring their I.D. Cards every day. I.D. CARDS SHOULD BE PRODUCED WHEN DEMANDED.

• Any requisition or letter written by the student to the Academy should be forwarded through the HOD / Class Teacher.

• In case of cancellation of a class, students shall vacate the institution premises within half an hour.

• Students should not sit on the parapet walls or on the steps or staircases.

• Students are forbidden from writing, scribbling, or painting on the walls, desks, etc…

• Students found guilty of damaging, destroying the institute property should replace the same at their own cost.

• Eve-teasers will be dismissed from the institute.

• Ragging is an offence. Any student found guilty of ragging will be dismissed from the institute.

• Students found using drugs or liquor will be dismissed from the institute

• Students found guilty of using foul language or behaving rudely towards the staff members, will be expelled from the institute.

• Students must identify those who cause damage to the college property and report the same to the PRINCIPAL or Centre in-charge.


• Any student who wishes to obtain a Conduct or Course or any other Certificate shall apply to the institute office in writing. Certificates will be issued after one week only.

• Diploma Certificates will be issued after the fourth week upon publishing the results.

• The Courses run by IIPT Academy is purely private and for the purpose of private sector jobs and the certification done by IIPT Academy is not valid for any employment in state or central government sector and or its agencies.

• The courses published in this website are not recognized by any Government or its agencies. The syllabus and certification pattern is in no manner related to any government agency.

• All courses declared are truly private design and we claim no responsibility of mis-understanding and negligence from your part.